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References for Mona Engvig eLearning Expertise.

I assume that you've reviewed my skills and projects. Here I offer you references from some clients. Stanford's Associate Dean comments on my consulting for a joint Stanford-Harvard eLearning project. Saybrook Graduate School's Vice President of Operations recommends me after I provided education technology services.

Daniel N. Rudolph
Senior Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer
Stanford Graduate School of Business

April 19, 2001

Dear Mona,

As we transition to the next phase of the exciting joint venture discussion between Harvard and Stanford, we wanted to pause briefly and thank and recognize everyone. Your hard work and enthusiasm have enabled us to work through many complex issues that have arisen and to make a significant amount of progress toward our goal of creating and bringing to market the best management e-learning offerings in the world.

We have truly enjoyed collaborating with you and look forward to making the Harvard-Stanford e-learning partnership an enduring and successful one.

John W. Reho, M.B.A.
Vice President of Operations
Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center and Chief Financial Officer

"To Whom It May Concern:

As Vice President of Operations for Saybrook, I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Dr. Mona Engvig, who has provided outstanding education technology services to our school during the past 14 months. Initially engaged to assist in the development of an Education Technology plan and strategy, Dr. Engvig worked closely with Dr. Maureen O'Hara (President of Saybrook), key faculty and the school's IT department in creating a vision for advancing the use of technology in our distance learning curriculum.

The initial Education Technology plan established specific objectives, ... "
See Vice President Reho's full reference letter in PDF format.

Kristian Folkman
Project manager
Norwegian Trade Council
Trade and Technology
Research and Educational Network ( REN )

"I want to confirm our appreciation of our collaboration with you on multiple occasions, specifically concerning:
  • Consulting
  • Presentations
We firmly believe in your skills..."
See the Norwegian Trade Council's full reference letter in PDF format.

Dr. Sally D. Gelardin
President of the California Career Development Association

"To whom it may concern,

It gives me great pleasure to write this reference for Mona Engvig. Dr. Engvig assisted me in transferring my career course online for Saybrook Graduate School. This was the first course that I have created in an online format and Dr. Engvig's friendly, courteous support ... "
See Dr. Gelardin's full reference letter in PDF format.
If you have any questions about these references, or if you'd like any other information about my experiences or skills, I invite you to contact me so we can begin a discussion. Someone really appreciated Mona Engvig's skills.
These folks really valued my skills.

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