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Publications and Studies.


  • NEW!  "Online Education: Practical, Theory-Based Advice for the Instructor". Cognella Academic Publishing. (172 p., 2018)
  • "Online Learning: All You Need to Know to Facilitate and Administer Online Courses". Hampton Press. (112 p., 2006) (out of print)
  • "eLearning: Underlying Assumptions and Helpful Hints". THEMO Publishing. (94 p., 2002) (out of print)
  • "eLearning in Academic Settings: An Introduction". THEMO Publishing. (17 p., 2002) (out of print)
  • "Best Practices in eLearning Case Study". THEMO Publishing. (24 p., 2002) (out of print)
  • "Making a Difference: A Guide to Fundraising and Nonprofit Management". THEMO Publishing. (105 p., 1998) (out of print)
  • "Håndbok i kulturadministrasjon" (Handbook in Arts Administration) (100 p., 1993)
  • "Musikkskolederen: Edderkopp i det kommunale kulturnett. En rapport om musikkskolelederens lønns- og arbeidsforhold" (A study of Norwegian music school principals) (28 p., 1993)
  • "Students', Faculty Assistants' and Professors' Perceptions on How to Succeed in Online Courses.". In T. Bastiaens & G. Marks (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2013. (pp. 1872-1881, 2013, October). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.   Learn more.


I am currently giving approximately one presentation or lecture per month on topics related to eLearning and startup-companies, such as adoption patterns of this new innovation in universities and corporations, organizational aspects of startup companies, eLearning design variables, and possible future scenarios for this fast-growing industry.


"Professors' Adoption and Implementation of Problem-based Learning"
Adviser: Professor Edwin Bridges, Ph.D., School of Education, Stanford University

The study assesses individual change within an organizational framework, and is based on in-depth interviews with professors who were attending a seminar on problem-based learning (PBL) in 1993. It analyzes their journey through the innovation-decision process, specifically if and how they use PBL.


Numerous articles in the Norwegian magazine "Schola" (Published by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research), for example:
  • "Livet etter eksamen": The use of problem-based learning in higher education
  • "Rissværing med kultursjokk": Life as a Fulbright scholar at Stanford University
  • "Problembasert læring i rektorutdanningen": The use of problem-based learning in educational administration
Since 1986 I have published approximately ten articles in Norwegian publications, such as "Musikknytt" (Music and Administration) and Aftenposten (Norway's leading newspaper) on organizational issues, leadership, administration, education and music.


"Analysis and Application of the Norwegian Music School Model for Communities in the United States", 1992.
Adviser: Professor Anne Smith, Chair, the Arts Administration Program. Golden Gate University, California


Social Psychology and Sociology
  • "Organizational Analysis, School of Management, Golden Gate University"
  • "Perceptions Become Real In Their Consequences: An Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships with Potentially Disastrous Consequences in a Task Group"
  • "Balancing on the Edge - And Falling Down on the Right Side: A Study of a Norwegian First-grader with Dyslexia"
  • "Different Views on Gender in Norway and the United States"
  • "Innovation and Dyadic Relationships: Implementing Problem-based Learning"

Education and Leadership
  • "Problem-based Learning in Medical Education and Educational Administration"
  • "Public Primary Schools in California and Norway"
  • "Early Childhood Teacher Training"
  • "Instructional Methods in Professional Education: Tracing the Roots of Problem-based Learning"
  • "Getting Ready to Teach"

Business-Related Topics
  • "American Indian Contemporary Arts", an economic analysis of a smaller San Francisco museum
  • "The Economics of Child Care"
  • "Federal Music Project: Relief Programs for Musicians in the 1930s"

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