Mona Engvig, Ph.D.; eLearning Consultant. Mona Engvig, Ph.D.
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Ventura, CA 93001

Phone:   818.266.5170

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Expertise and Resume of Mona Engvig.

My background is one of diversity surrounding my specialty of eLearning.

Click here for a PDF version of Mona's Resume. eLearning and its implementation do not take place in a vacuum. Introducing any new concept or way of doing business involves changes in people's behaviors, organizations and people's roles within them, ways of thinking and looking at the world, and seeing opportunities in the challenges that change brings.

Look at my educational history and you'll see a Ph.D. from Stanford University's School of Education, two master's degrees in Sociology and Arts Administration, plus the equivalent of an MBA.

You'll see a focus of studies on the relationships between people and their environments, especially in educational and nonprofit institutions. Some of the topics include: innovation and change, negotiation, sociology, organizational development, and teams.

I have demonstrated my abilities in a number of areas. I feel that my experience, positive personality and education enable me to work well with university professors in assisting them to adapt their courses to an eLearning environment. The integration of my experiences means that I can assist you with your organizational and eLearning projects.

I'm also available for Norwegian - English translation projects.

Academic Administration:
  • Started and built two successful schools as School Principal
  • Vice President for Educational Innovation, Saybrook Graduate School
  • Manager of Instructional Services, UC Irvine Distance Learning Center

Academic Instruction and Course Development:
  • Experienced online professor, has taught online at six different universities
  • Recipient of the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award, University of Maryland University College
  • Taught University leadership, diversity, group interaction and sociology courses
  • Academic Advisor
  • Intimately familiar with numerous eLearning platforms
  • Created over 70 online courses, including "Action Research", "Management in Society", "Critical Systems Inquiry", etc

Sales and Negotiation Skills:
  • Star sales person, academic market
  • Secured close to one million dollars in revenue as Manager of Academic Partnerships with an eLearning company
  • Recipient of Most Successful Entrepreneur Award
  • Routinely work with prestigious deans and professors
  • Taught "Conflict Resolution: Theory and Methods"

  • NEW! "Online Education: Practical, Theory-Based Advice for the Instructor"
  • "Online Learning: All You Need to Know to Facilitate and Administer Online Courses"
  • "eLearning: Underlying Assumptions and Helpful Hints"
  • "eLearning in Academic Settings: An Introduction"
  • "Best Practices in eLearning Case Study"
See my Publications and Studies page for more information on my writings.

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